10 benefits of artificial grass

The benefits of artificial grass? We list 10!

Artificial grass is extremely popular these days and the trend continues. More and more organizations choose to lay artificial turf during events, fairs, open days, anniversaries and so on. Compared to regular grass, artificial grass naturally requires little maintenance, which is a logical reason to purchase it. In addition, it is of course a very clean investment, as it lasts a very long time. Wondering what other advantages artificial grass has? Then read on quickly.

Environmentally friendly

It may not immediately fall into place, but laying artificial grass is very environmentally friendly. Compared to regular grasses, artificial grass does not need to be fertilized with chemical weed control. A second environmental benefit is water conservation. No more turning on that sprinkler half a day is obviously a great benefit to our environment. In addition, artificial grass lasts for years, making it very durable as well. It can be used over and over again for all kinds of purposes.

No problems with grass pollen

Many people suffer greatly from it during certain parts of the year; hay fever. It is a fact that many allergies also come from grass pollen. With artificial grass, of course, you don’t have to deal with this. An ideal product for lining the garden or using artificial grass during events.

Artificial grass is recyclable

A very positive aspect of artificial grass is the fact that it can be recycled. Even when it has done its duty for years at events, fairs and within organizations, it is still reusable. This prevents overproduction and makes the plastic usable again for new purposes.

A clean look

We can understand a somewhat sceptical view of artificial grass. It hasn’t always been a pretty showpiece before. Fortunately, today’s artificial grass is very nice and neatly finished. That, of course, is a big advantage. The materials used today have a sophisticated look, which of course makes the purchase even more attractive.

Artificial grass does not wear out

Artificial grass carpet is made of strong and durable materials. Thanks to development over the years, today’s plastic is much better for the environment and well recyclable, as mentioned earlier. As a result, it consists only of good, hard-wearing quality and will last for years.

Artificial grass saves you effort

One of the advantages of artificial grass is that you never have to mow again. It can be quite a chore to maintain large areas and then the grass has to stay healthy as well. Too little water normally causes dry brown spots and too much (rain) water is also bad for the lawn. With artificial grass you save yourself a lot of trouble.

Artificial turf is resistant to wind and weather

There are several advantages of artificial grass, but it is still really nice that it can withstand all weather conditions. When there is flooding, a lot of frost or extreme gusts of wind, the artificial grass will remain as it is. Because of the strong materials used today, you no longer have to worry about wear and tear or blowing away.

Artificial turf is available for every budget

There is a suitable design for every event or trade show. Cover Flooring makes artificial grass carpets to measure and does this completely according to your wishes. So is there a smaller budget, but do you want to generate a radiant expression? Then there is always a carpet that suits you and someone on our team to think with you.

Artificial grass carpet is an eco-trend

Nature is a hot topic these days, all of us want to contribute something to the environment, animals and beautiful landscapes. This is why many event themes these days are all about: green. Being green. You can’t be left behind in this. So, who does green, meets good? That’s the eco-trend today.

There is always the artificial grass specialist

One of the advantages of artificial grass today is that there is always a specialist who can advise. It is a very developed product over the years. For what purpose may artificial grass be made and supplied? When is this possible? Cover Flooring has got you covered!

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