A trade show floor, what do you need to consider?

When you are going to organise a fair or an event, you obviously also need a trade fair floor. We can imagine that you do not immediately know what exactly you want, what you need and what all you need to take into account regarding the exhibition floor of your future event. This is when the experts at Cover Flooring come into play. With us, you can not only order a beautiful exhibition floor, but thanks to the expertise we have built up over the past thirty years, we can also help you a lot further with personal advice!

From coloured runners to artificial turf made to measure

Because let’s put it this way: with an exhibition floor, anything is possible. Whether you need large areas of exhibition floor or you are going for something more on a small scale: we have experience with everything and can therefore help you in any situation – whatever the material or location. In addition, it is good to know that you can come to us for both indoor and outdoor exhibition flooring and we simply cut it to size for you. No project is too crazy for us and any idea you come up with, we will seize with both hands. This way, we not only help you with your trade fair, but we can also develop ourselves again!

Choice of various exhibition floors

The possibilities when it comes to a trade fair floor are endless. From coloured runners to logo mats and from carpet tiles to even artificial grass: our range is very diverse and we have a suitable exhibition floor for every event and every trade fair. By the way, at Cover Flooring we are also committed to corporate social responsibility and so our range includes carpets that are collected after use and offered for recycling. The carpets that have been used are then crushed and melted, after which new plastic products can be made from them.

Experience with exhibition floors in the largest exhibition halls

The specialists at Cover Flooring can therefore tell you very well what you need to take into account when (laying) an exhibition floor, and that is partly because we have already had the pleasure of realising beautiful projects. We can say that we have already laid exhibition floors in several large exhibition halls in Belgium and the Netherlands, such as RAI Amsterdam, Rotterdam Ahoy, Brussels Expo and Brabanthal Leuven. So, with that experience, we would also like to help you give your fair or event an even more beautiful look.

Looking for the perfect exhibition floor for your event? Contact us!

Are you looking for a trade fair floor that perfectly suits your upcoming fair or event? Then request a quote directly from Cover Flooring or contact our experts. We can be reached by phone at +31 (0) 320 26 01 90 (the Netherlands) or +32 (0) 52 25 83 53 (Belgium) and you can also reach us by sending an e-mail to teamnl@coverflooring.com (the Netherlands) or teambe@coverflooring.com (Belgium).