Cover Carpet Academy

Installing your own carpet does not have to be difficult

For over 30 years, Cover Flooring has been supplying and installing carpet at trade shows and events. We like to share the expertise we gained during these years in our Carpet Academy. Through a series of short instruction videos, we teach you everything you need to know to get started yourself.

Lesson 1 – Fixing a carpet with gaffer tape

The quickest and easiest way to install a carpet is with gaffer tape. You unroll the carpet and tape the front of the carpet. Then you can cut the other end nicely, stretch it and tape it in place. Finally, you also attach both sides with tape.

Lesson 2 – Installing a carpet with double-sided tape

If you prefer not to use gaffer tape, you can use our double-sided tape. The working method is almost identical, only this time you stick the double-sided tape at the bottom of the carpet instead on top of it. Cover Flooring offers two types of double-sided tape, a removable one for inside and a non-removable one for outside.

Lesson 3 – Installing carpet with an overlap

To place several bands of carpet next to each other, there are two different techniques. In this video we show you how to attach two bands of carpet overlapping each other with double-sided tape.

Lesson 4 – Laying a carpet without overlap

It is not always necessary to overlap carpet, you can also choose to lay 2 bands against each other. For this we use a wider strip of double-sided tape, to fix both bands.

Lesson 5 – Placing carpet on carpet

If carpet needs to be placed on top of fixed carpet (for example in hotels), we recommend using our carpet cover. This is a self-adhesive foil which is specially developed to not damage the underlying carpet.

Lesson 6 – Cutting a circle

In this video, we will show you how to easily cut a circle without special material. In this example, 2 bands of 2m were overlapped and then a circle of 3m diameter was cut out of them.