Cradle to Cradle

Reduce the ecological footprint of your event with cradle to cradle


Our carpets come with a cradle to cradle certificate, and we know exactly how to put cradle to cradle into practice. Cover Flooring is part of the Belgian textile group DS-Textiles, which has a long tradition as an innovative company in the production of synthetic fibers, technical textiles, and exhibition carpets. Thanks to extensive development of our own trade show carpets, we can offer you a 100% recyclable product. And that is exactly what characterizes cradle to cradle products! Want to know more about the cradle to cradle principle and how we put it into practice? Read on or contact us!

C2C label, rainbow loper

Benefits of cradle to cradle


Working with our trade show carpets according to the cradle to cradle principle (100% recyclable) offers several attractive benefits. Not only do you reduce the ecological footprint of your event with cradle to cradle products, but you also save on waste processing after your event. After the carpet is collected and recycled, you will receive a detailed report from us. At Cover Flooring, you can choose from the following product lines: Expo Style, Expo Line, and Expo Luxe.

ExpoCare is a group of fully recyclable expo and event carpets with proven quality after more than ten years on the market. This group of carpets has cradle to cradle certification and is known for its durability, dimensional stability, and ease of handling. We offer a wide range of colors and widths in flat, ribbed, or velour carpet in this collection. Recycling these products reduces CO2 emissions by fifty percent compared to standard waste processing.

Cradle to cradle meaning


In addition, Expo Line and Expo Cord are the only ribbed products that have a cradle to cradle certificate (cradle to cradle bronze). Speaking of cradle to cradle certification: On which themes are we assessed regarding cradle to cradle? First of all, on ‘Material Health.’ Here, it is assessed whether we consider the protection of human health and the environment when selecting raw materials. With ‘Product Circularity,’ it is assessed whether the products are actively recycled and designed with future use in mind. Through the theme ‘Clean Air & Climate Protection,’ our production’s impact on air quality, the use of renewable energy, and greenhouse gas emissions is examined.

There is also an assessment for the theme ‘Water & Soil Stewardship,’ which evaluates how production considers water and soil, and ‘Social Fairness.’ The latter assesses how we treat all employees within our company. Want to know more about cradle to cradle? Feel free to check out the C2C (cradle to cradle) website and learn more about the cradle to cradle meaning and the differences between cradle to cradle gold, cradle to cradle silver, and cradle to cradle bronze. Moreover, several well-known cradle to cradle examples are given.

What is the difference between recycling and cradle to cradle?


Recycling focuses on reusing materials to reduce waste, but it can lead to quality loss and ultimately create waste. The cradle to cradle principle aims for a closed-loop system where products and materials are continuously reused without loss of quality. Waste is completely eliminated, and production processes are sustainable. Both approaches contribute to sustainability, but cradle to cradle goes one step further. Cradle to cradle offers a circular solution by not only reducing waste but also fundamentally changing the way products are designed and produced.

Removal and collection of carpet


When your event is over, the carpet will be removed by you or our crew. Note:

  • Recyclable and non-recyclable carpets are separated;
  • The carpet should be cut into easy-to-handle strips;
  • Coarse dirt such as paper, cardboard, and metal must be removed;
  • The carpet is folded and collected for transport.

After collection, the carpet is processed into granules, which are used as raw materials for other applications. In this way, we try to recycle as much as possible after each event and get as close to the cradle to cradle principle as possible.



A good example of recycling our products is the injection molding of plastic parts. For example, the closure caps that secure the plastic packaging of the carpet rolls are made from our recycled carpet.

Want to know more about cradle to cradle? Contact us!


Cradle to cradle stands for one hundred percent reuse, and that is exactly what we want for our carpets so that the ecological footprint of each event is reduced. Want to know more about cradle to cradle and how we apply the cradle to cradle principle? Feel free to contact us so that our specialists can tell you everything about cradle to cradle. You can use the contact form, but it is also possible to call or email us. This can be done via +31 (0) 320-260190 or for the Netherlands or +32 (0) 52 25 83 53 or for Belgium.

C2C certified Bronze