Floor protection

Floor protection

Floor protection is a nice to have for many DIYers. Painters, plasterers, tilers and more: there are many trades where there is a need to use floor protection. But floor protection can also be very useful for lighting and sound companies, decor and stand builders. Partly for this reason, Cover Flooring stocks different types of floor protection, so we have something for everyone that you can put to good use. This will not only keep your customers happy, but also keep your equipment undamaged during the job! Curious about the possibilities? Request a no-obligation quote via the button below.

Floor protection during painting or other jobs

Floor protection during painting, renovation or other jobs can come in handy. Not only does floor protection keep your floor protected during painting, it is also ideal for companies that need to load and unload large appliances. With a floor protector, you then ensure that no damage occurs to your floor while transporting materials. That is so convenient!

Different types of floor protection

Cover Flooring offers various types of floor protection. Each type of floor protection has its own advantages. For example, we have both the self-adhesive variant and the non-adhesive variant. The self-adhesive floor protection has the advantage that it is easy and quick to roll out and leaves no glue residues. Are you going for the non-adhesive floor protection? Of course, that is a good option too. A big advantage of this is that non-adhesive floor protection is reusable. In addition, non-adhesive floor protection consists of extra-wide rolls. As a result, the floor protection can be installed quickly, even in a large room.

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