How do you furnish a white runner at a wedding?

A white runner at a wedding is something you often see these days. Whether the wedding takes place outside or inside: a white runner at the wedding always adds value to this special day and for this reason you can buy these runners from Cover Flooring. But what should you take into account when setting up a white runner at a wedding? The specialists at Cover Flooring can help you with that too!

For inside as well as outside

Good to know is that the white runners of Cover Flooring are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and can be placed on gravel and sand, but also on grass and tiles. In addition, our runners are easy to clean and we stock white runners in different shades. Handy, because then you can – if you want, even on our advice – choose exactly the white runner that best suits your wedding. Feel free to browse through our range to see if your favourite shade is already among them.

White carpet for your wedding in various sizes

When you are decorating the white carpet for the wedding, the sizes of the white carpet are also important. Obviously, the bride and groom should be able to walk side by side on the white carpet and, in addition, it is also important that the bride’s dress fits on the carpet in its entirety. Hence, it is nice that the runners from Cover Flooring are available in all kinds of sizes, both length and width. Whether you are looking for a 10-metre white runner for a wedding or a 20-metre white runner for a wedding: nothing is too crazy for us and we are open to anything. So you can always take a look at our white runners or contact our experts to find out what we have to offer.

For more information about a white carpet at your wedding, contact us!

Do you need some personal advice before ordering a white runner from Cover Flooring? No problem, because our specialists will be happy to tell you more about our white carpet and how best to set it up for your wedding! Therefore, feel free to contact us so that we can help you with expert advice to make this special day a success. We can be reached by phone at +31 (0) 320 26 01 90 (the Netherlands) or +32 (0) 52 25 83 53 (Belgium) and you can also reach us by sending an email to (the Netherlands) or (Belgium). Prefer to request a quote directly? Of course, that too is possible!