How should you maintain artificial grass?

From mowing to watering and from scarifying to regular weeding… We understand that at some point you’re done with everything that comes with maintaining natural grass. Fortunately, with artificial grass there has been an alternative to natural grass for a while now and you can still enjoy some green in the garden or anywhere else you want to see grass. However, of course, artificial grass also needs to be maintained so that it remains beautiful to look at. But how should you maintain artificial grass to keep it in top condition? We are happy to explain it to you!

Maintaining artificial grass: Roadmap

1) Make sure you buy the right type of artificial grass. For example, there is a lot more walking on artificial grass on a fair or playing field than on artificial grass on a balcony, so it is subjected to more stress and there is a difference in the degree of maintenance.
2) Keep the artificial grass clean. For that reason, try to remove leaves and twigs that unexpectedly fall on your ‘lawn’ immediately to reduce the risk of weeds. Brushing every now and then to remove the necessary seeds also reduces the chance of weeds in your artificial grass.
3) Step 3 in artificial grass maintenance is probably logical, but we want to mention it anyway. Does your pet defecate on the artificial grass or does a pile of bird droppings fall on it? Then try to remove it as soon as possible by wiping it off with kitchen paper, for example, and then spray it clean.
4) Do you notice that your artificial grass is sagging a bit? Then you can use a hard broom – against the grain – to make sure the artificial grass stands up straight again and looks nice. Throwing in sand once a year can also help to keep the grass blades upright. The sand has an aggravating effect, which helps the artificial grass stay in place.
5) The last step in the ‘Maintain artificial grass step-by-step plan’ is to remove algae and moss, which will mainly occur if the artificial grass mat is (partly) in the shade. This can easily be done using green deposit remover.

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