Just Print It!

Because of the corona crisis we will have to put in extra effort to steer the visitors of events and fairs and thus also have to adapt the communication and signage.
Carpet at the entrance, catering area or in the corridors can therefore also be used as a means of communication to indicate the right direction or to communicate certain messages.

We would be pleased to list the various possibilities once again:

1. Expocrea – full color print on needlepunched carpet

Expocrea is the basic quality for events without protective film and can be compared to our Expostyle.
We print Expocrea on 2m width, but exceptionally Expocrea can also be printed on 1.5m or 3m width.


 2. ExpocreaLUX – full color print on velours

This luxury version of Expocrea is perfect for exhibition stands, VIP zones and much more.
This quality is very durable, wear-resistant, with a protective film on top and an anti-slip layer on the bottom.
Expocrealux can also be cut into any desired shape and is therefore very suitable as an entrance mat or for use in, for example, a product activation or presentation.


3. Logomat – printed entrance mat

With a beautiful logo mat in the entrance hall of your office or showroom you will make a professional impression on your visitors and customers.
Cover Flooring now also offers you the possibility to design your own hard-wearing logo mats, both for indoor and outdoor use.
These are also perfect for communicating your message about social distancing.


4. Expocrea Vinyl – full color print on vinyl

You can also contact us for prints on vinyl! If necessary, these can be provided with a wear-resistant top layer.
In addition, vinyl is very easy to clean and maintain, making this product very suitable for long-term use in your shop, showroom or at your exhibition stand.