Make your fairs and events corona proof!

Soon fairs and large-scale events will undoubtedly go on again, but that nothing will be the same again!
As proven many times in the past, our event sector is very flexible and extremely creative in solving problems.
Also in these times we will join forces to make future events ‘corona proof’ and we want to contribute to that as well!
Cover Flooring therefore supports the memorandum that professional federations such as Febelux, Besa, CLC Vecta,, …  recently proposed!

Organise walkways for one-way traffic

One of the most important proposals is to steer the visitor flow in one-way traffic through the event location.
These walkways can be very clearly signposted with our carpet runners that we can place on location in any colour.
Need extra signage? That’s no problem either! We like to think along creatively in order to steer visitors in the right direction.






Keep it safe!

Separate entrances and exits or waiting areas for registration, catering and cloakroom also deserve the necessary attention!
You can decorate these zones with our full color prints! We print the right arrows, symbols or warnings on our carpets to make sure everything runs smoothly.
This makes it immediately clear to all employees and visitors how to keep a safe distance from each other.

Stay in touch!

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