Tips for buying artificial grass

Buying artificial grass? Here’s what to look out for!

Do you want to get started with artificial grass soon? It is important to pay attention to a number of things. You don’t buy artificial grass just like that. It is a good long-term investment, so you want to think about it carefully. There are all kinds, sizes and qualities available on the market. This may not make it easier to make a choice. Cover Flooring knows the tricks of the trade and would like to give you some tips, making buying artificial grass a breeze!

Determine the purpose of the artificial grass

Is there an event starting soon for which you could use a nice backdrop? Artificial grass is of course the ideal start to create a runner or decor. In addition, it also acts as a nice finishing touch for your booth. But what exactly is the purpose? What will be the exact function and how much artificial grass can you use for this purpose? It is wise to think about these questions before you, plunge into the world of artificial grass carpet. You can then search purposefully for the artificial grass of the quality you are looking for. Can’t figure it out? Then ask our team for advice.

Choose the quality that fits your budget

What is very important to think about is the quality of the artificial grass. You have now decided on your goal, so you better think about what it is worth to you. How much are you willing to spend on artificial grass? At the entrance to an event or trade show, of course you want to stand out. You don’t do that with artificial grass that is from the year 0 in terms of appearance. You want to use an appropriate decorative carpet. Think carefully about this before buying artificial grass.

Always go for optimal safety

Are you going to buy artificial grass? Then opt for optimal safety. Unfortunately it still happens that people buy poor quality artificial grass that can make people and animals sick. With Cover Flooring you do not have to worry about that. Our artificial grass is 100% safe. Not only safe for our health, but also in terms of fire safety. All products have been extensively tested and passed the European directives.

Take the right measures in advance

Before buying and laying artificial grass is possible, a number of measures must be taken. This is to ensure that the artificial grass is installed correctly. For long-term (outdoor) events it is important that the artificial grass stays in place. This requires levelling the ground and looking at how to prepare the ground properly. Have you made these preparations? Then you only need suitable materials and you can start laying the artificial grass.

More information about laying artificial grass?

The Cover Flooring team is happy to provide you with more important information about laying artificial grass. You can easily contact us by filling in our contact form.