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Carpet tiles for any location

Do you want to have variety in your flooring, but you are not sure yet how you are going to provide it? Then we at Cover Flooring have the solution for you! Carpet tiles, also called floor tiles, are pieces of carpet in the shape of a tile. Often these carpet tiles are 1m x 1m. The advantage of these carpet tiles is that you can combine multiple colours to create a favourite pattern. An easy and convenient solution to turn any office or business space into a cosy location!

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Different methods of installation

This makes carpet tiles an excellent alternative to a wall-to-wall carpet on a roll of, say, 500 centimetres. All the tiles together form your ideal floor covering. What’s more, you also have a choice of directions. You can place the tiles in one direction, for example, or you can use the checkerboard method. Here you turn each carpet tile a quarter turn, making the installation look like – you can guess it – a checkerboard.

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Do you still have questions about our products? Or would you like to spar with someone about the possibilities? We would be happy to help you upholster your space.

The benefits of carpet tiles

Are you thinking about buying carpet tiles? Then after reading about the following benefits, you might just change your mind. Besides the fact that carpet tiles are hugely popular, they also have a long lifespan. That’s because seam felt tiles are made of polypropylene with polyethylene backing. That longevity is ideal because it means you don’t have to constantly replace the carpet. So your business space or sports floor is instantly filled with an attractive, energetic floor covering for a long time. Of course, this carpet also works well for events. For that reason too, it is important that the life span of the carpet is long.

Another advantage, of course, is that you are free to choose how to lay the floor. Because the carpet tiles are relatively small, you can use many different colours. So you can make many different variations and patterns and you can also indicate areas through the choice of colours. Feel like completely pimping the office building or commercial space? You can put different colours or patterns in each space. This way you can easily differentiate between different meeting rooms.

Carpet tiles are very easy to lay. Because of their lightweight, you can also easily move or replace them. It is the easiest floor to “take along” when moving an office.

Long lifespan

Easy to install yourself

Many different colours

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Why Cover Flooring?

With a floor covering from Cover Flooring you are guaranteed to steal the show. With our team of experienced specialists and experts in the field of unique floor coverings, we know how to create something special for every location. As a result, your flooring will catch the eye of every customer or guest. Cover Flooring can boast on more than thirty years of experience in the sector, as a result of which innovation, flexibility and durability have been our top priorities for years. If you choose Cover Flooring, then you are at the right address.

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