HEBO & EFS become Cover Flooring

We are proud to announce that as of 1 April 2019, the Belgian Event Flooring Services and the Dutch Hebo Flooring Solutions will continue together under the name Cover Flooring. Standards and values will be coordinated in order to form one big family: a dynamic, efficient and professional team that is eager to get to work on your project and push boundaries both literally and figuratively. With creative and innovative…
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Novelties collection 2019

We are golden In 2018, we developed a custom golden colour for a number of customers. Because of the enthusiastic responses we received, we are adding this colour to our…
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New PVC/Vinyl collection

After more than 3 years of service, it was high time to fully refresh our PVC/Vinyl collection. Not only were several new colours added to the known qualities, but some…
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