Project carpeting

Need project carpeting? At Cover Flooring, we provide project carpeting in various designs and sizes. We can rely on more than 30 years of experience for this, during which time we have worked together with a large range of partners. Think of government projects and office spaces, but we have also provided project carpeting for temporary projects in the form of exhibitions.

You can view all of these projects in our portfolio. This way, you can see our work for yourself. After all, a picture says more than 1000 words. It is also possible to request a referral list from us. With us, you can find the right carpeting and the best professionals to provide your premises with the atmosphere you are looking for. At Cover Flooring, we are more than happy to be of service and discuss the possibilities of project carpeting with you. This is possible from an early stage, because experience shows that it is good to have knowledge and expertise from the beginning.

Project carpeting for the appearance you are looking for

Project carpeting, as the name suggests, is very project related. No company or institution is the same, and depending on the services and/or products you offer, you will have certain preferences with regard to the project carpeting. If it concerns an office building, you may choose a rustic colour that does not distract the employees too much. Classic grey, or perhaps a warmer shade in the form of red or brown. However, if it concerns an exhibition or a room that needs to radiate elegance, then you probably have very different preferences. In our range, you can see what possibilities we offer. At Cover Flooring, the possibilities are endless and we are happy to discuss them with you.

Project carpeting that is sustainable

Project carpeting while thinking about sustainability? Cover Flooring has included that in the working method as well. Because we value corporate social responsibility, it is possible to see what qualities are fully recyclable on the website. Products that are recyclable are processed into granulates that can be used to create new plastic products. This way, your office or events company can indirectly help create a cleaner world.

Project carpeting throughout Europe

We purchase in bulk from out manufacturers and can quickly provide you with project carpeting in all colours and materials. An important advantage here is that this makes our prices very competitive. Are you curious about our prices? Then you can of course request a free quote.


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