Red Runners

Red Runners

Find your red carpet at Cover Flooring

A red carpet is the entrance to the event! Are you organizing an event soon, where the red carpet cannot be missing, then you are at the right place at Cover Flooring. Cover Flooring has more than 30 years of experience. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor red carpet, we are happy to serve you. Let your event visitors shine over the red carpet of Cover Flooring. Would you like to rent a red carpet? Unfortunately you can’t but, buying a red carpet is cheaper! See above the red carpet assortment!

Your experienced specialist for red carpet

At Cover Flooring, we have over 30 years of experience when it comes to flooring for trade shows and events, whether outdoors or indoors. Every client has their own requirements for the structure and quality of a red carpet. That’s why we deliver high-quality flooring. A red carpet from Cover Flooring, adds to the atmosphere of your important event. Our floors are known for their reliability, safety and environmental friendliness. This also means that we have a lot of experience in laying red carpet at events.

Red carpet for various events

Cover Flooring has laid a variety of red carpet at several major national events in the past. So when you decide to purchase our red carpet, you are assured of a good look and high quality products. Thus, our craftsmanship will contribute to the quality of the event.

The benefits of a red carpet

A red carpet is by default associated with luxury and allure. As an event organizer, you can make nice use of this. Moreover, your guests will feel seen when they parade down the red carpet. Red carpet can also help steer visitors in the right direction. Are you expecting a long line for an event? A red carpet will prevent chaos and crowding.

You don’t have to host a big event to work with a red carpet. How nice is it to roll out a red carpet at your front door for your birthday party? Details like this will make your guests talk about your party for a long time to come.

Roll out the red carpet with Cover Flooring

Cover Flooring is your partner when it comes to red carpet. Red carpet make an event or trade show just a little more graceful. Our experience and expertise contribute to the stylish look of your event, trade show or project.

We offer a wide selection of different shades of red for your carpet. Standard widths are used, but it is also possible to have our runners custom cut for you. As part of our corporate social responsibility, we market a selection of 100% recyclable runners. We have already had the opportunity to lay a beautiful red carpet for the 2019 Opening Pedestrian Bridge. Two beautiful styles were used for this, namely the Expo Grass colchic red and Expo Style tomato – 9662.

We are happy to advise you on your carpet choices. We know from experience that customers enjoy using our expertise from the first step in the selection process.

Discover more colored carpets?

At Cover Flooring you will always find the perfect carpet for your event. Are you looking for a carpet in a particular color? Chances are very high that you will find it in our assortment. Thus, in addition to red carpets, we also have various types of orange carpets, yellow carpets, green carpets, pink carpets, blue carpets, purple carpets, white carpets, gray carpets and black carpets. No color is too crazy for us. Do you have a certain color in mind and are looking for an expert to realize it? Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to discuss what is possible.

The specialist for your event carpets

The installation of a red carpet must be done adequately and quickly. In addition, it is important for everyone’s safety that it is well secured. Cover Flooring is your specialist when it comes to laying floor carpets for your trade show, project or event. Also if you are looking for artificial grass or exhibition carpets, Cover Flooring is your partner.

Contact us for advice on red carpet

Would you like more information or advice about your floor carpet or red carpet before ordering one from us? No problem, we are happy to advise you on your choices regarding type, quality and color of exhibition carpets. Cover Flooring is ready to help you beautify your floor with our red carpet!

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