Customisation & Prints

Prints and creative solutions

There is no need to worry. Cover Flooring sees your questions as a challenge. After all, creating innovative floor decoration is our pride and joy. According to your wishes, innovative, sustainable, flexible,… with high-quality materials.

The range of Cover Flooring goes much further than just the traditional red runner. We print carpet in full colour, cut circles and other shapes to size or even create an entirely new colour based on a pantone reference. So we not only execute, we also think with you to find creative custom solutions. This way, we participate in the personalised story of an event.

Specialist in customisation

That customisation is possible thanks to a good collaboration with our colleagues at Sommer Needlepunch. “We can provide all colours, straight from the factory, so that our range is much broader than that competitors. Any idea can be submitted to the R&D team. For instance, a glitter and fluorescent carpet was recently added to our range, and we developed a golden carpet colour for a customer that is now a standard part of our range.”

We will take on any challenge; our experienced team is happy to think with you to take things one step further!