Reduce the ecological footprint of your event!

Cover Flooring is part of the Belgian textile group DS Textiles, which continues a long tradition as an innovative company in the production of synthetic fibres, technical textile and exhibition carpet on the international market. Thanks to the extensive development of our own exhibition carpets, we can offer you a 100% recyclable product. This not only reduces the ecological footprint of your event, but also saves on waste processing after your event. After collection and recycling of the carpet, we will provide you with a detailed report.


ExpoCare is a group of C2C certified fully recycable expo-and eventcarpets with a proven track record of over 10 years. Expostyle, Expoline, Expoluxe and Expocord are well known in the market for their wearability, dimensional stability and easy fitting. We offer a wide choice of colors and width’s in flat, ribbed or velours in this collection. Recycling of these products reduces CO2 emissions by 50% compared to standard waste disposal.

In addition, Expoline and Expocord are the only ribbed products with a C2C certificate.

C2C certified Bronze

Carpet removal and collection

After the event, the carpet is removed by you or our crew.

  • Recyclable and non-recyclable carpets are separated
  • The carpet should be cut into strips that can be processed easily
  • Coarse waste such as paper, cardboard, metal, … should be removed
  • The carpet is folded and collected for transport

Recycling process

After collection, the carpet is processed into granulates that are used as a raw material for other applications.


A great example of the recycling of our products is the injection moulding of plastic parts. For instance, the closure caps, which are used to secure the plastic packaging of the carpet rolls, are made from our recycled carpet.