Pink Runners

Pink Runners

Pink runners at Cover Flooring

Roll out the pink runner! Our options are endless, no shade is too crazy for us. Cover Flooring sells floor coverings for a successful event. Do you need to take care of the finishing touches for the decoration of an upcoming event or party? Then choose a pink runner from Cover Flooring! A runner in this enchanting colour provides the perfect decoration for your party of event. In addition, a runner not only makes the location look better, but will also make the visitors feel more comfortable, thanks to the first steps they get to take on the runner when they arrive. Let your event and visitors shine with the runners from Cover Flooring. Want to buy a pink runner? View the range of pink runners below!

Pink runners in various shades

The pink runners at Cover Flooring are available in the Expo Color, Expo Style, Expo Show, and Expo Line quality. The pink runners are also available with recyclable event carpet. In the Expo Line and Expo Style ranges, you can find beautiful pink shades for your runner.

Our pink runners are known for being reliable and environmentally friendly. Because besides the fact that our floors are an addition to the appearance of your event, it is also important that you are able to use them all night, regardless of the location. In addition, we value corporate social responsibility. In order to reduce the environmental impact of our products, we also sell floors that are 100% recyclable. So there is no need to worry about the pink runner afterwards, we have already thought of that.

What if you are not looking for a pink runner, but a Vinyl? Then you are in the right place at Cover Flooring. The Expo Vinyl Trend Fushia is a beautiful vinyl type. We also offer purple runners and more special colors.

Advice about pink runners and exhibition carpet

Are you not quite sure about what pink runner best suits the style of your event or party? We understand that a lot of thought and effort goes into organising your event. From lighting to security. If you leave the decoration of your floor to us, with pink runners, it is taken care of in one fell swoop. Cover Flooring is happy to advise you! With our expertise, we can help you make the right choice for a pink runner. You can always contact us for advice about pink runners or a free quote. Fill out the contact form or send an e-mail to