Artificial grass a sustainable solution

Artificial grass as a sustainable solution!

When is artificial grass actually sustainable and how do you keep it beautiful? Of course, it is already a great advantage for the environment when you work with artificial grass made from recycled materials. These are namely CO2 neutral and certified with environmentally friendly labels. With this, you are doing the environment a big favour. So you know that health and ecological aspects have been optimally taken into account! The art, of course, is to create the perfect artificial grass as sustainably as possible, from which we can benefit for as long as possible.

Artificial grass has many sustainable benefits

Being sustainable has many advantages when it comes to laying artificial grass. One big advantage, of course, is that there is little maintenance that needs to be done. The grass does not need to be mowed and watering is never necessary. Artificial grass is durable when it comes to cleaning, as you don’t have to make aggressive suds to keep it tidy. A spill of red wine or other stubborn stains are quickly and easily removed with an all-purpose cleaner. Laying artificial grass is a sustainable investment, for which you get a lot in return!

This is how you support the environment with artificial grass!

In addition to all the sustainable benefits that you also benefit from directly, you also support the environment indirectly by laying artificial grass. Both artificial turf and natural grass use raw materials and energies that do not directly benefit our environment. But here we respond directly, the difference is in the lifespan of the durable artificial grass and the maintenance method. Maintaining natural grass is not an easy and environmentally friendly job if you really want to keep it beautiful. When you mow the grass, the machine consumes electricity and gasoline, where pollution is an immediate threat. Don’t forget the greenhouse gases methane and CO2. Next, do you want to fight the moss as well? Then that requires weed killers, too. Finally, you obviously use a lot of water to make the grass grow decently. All these aspects give enough reason to choose durable artificial grass!