The power of artificial grass as a carpet

The power of artificial grass as a carpet

In the past, artificial grass was mainly used on the sports field, which is now a thing of the past. Nowadays, artificial grass as a carpet is incredibly hip! Maybe you have come across it in the gym, at the office or at an event? It brings a dynamic atmosphere to a space. Artificial grass has grown in popularity in recent years, and also in quality. There are numerous varieties, from light to dark green, from short to long blades of grass of low to high density. The choice is vast! In what ways you can use artificial grass, we are happy to explain.

Artificial grass as an event floor

An event on grass gives an extraordinary and peaceful feeling. But when it starts to rain, it slowly turns into a mud puddle. That’s less so, after all. Artificial grass as an event floor offers the solution at any event, it stays clean and fresh, so convenient right? That’s not the only advantage. It’s also simple to install and clean up. You roll it out and attach it with tape. Also, there is a wide range of artificial grass as event flooring so you can always find something that lines up, think about a colour that matches a certain corporate identity. How cool is that?

Artificial grass as a carpet

To cover the space inside, you can use artificial grass as a carpet for a special atmosphere. There are plenty of inspirations that you can implement yourself. For example, you can make jungle room or create a soccer field. In both options, artificial grass as carpet feels wonderfully soft. And did you even know that artificial grass helps dampen sound? You might want to hang it on the wall in your study, looks incredibly cosy and it helps improve concentration. Two birds with one stone.

There are lots of fun things to do with artificial grass, they all have one thing in common: a space with artificial grass gives atmosphere! Artificial grass as an event floor can be used if you want to stand out during a trade show and get set up and taken down quickly. And so is artificial grass as a carpet is extremely suitable for different purposes at home. It doesn’t really matter what you do with it, it certainly looks great!